The following are examples of scholarships available to DeMolays, though they may not be restricted to DeMolays. For further information about any of the following, contact your Chapter Advisor:

Frank S. Land Scholarships

There are ten $800 Frank S. Land Scholarships available and all you need to do to be considered for one is complete an application and submit it to the DeMolay Service and Leadership Center by April 1. You must be an active DeMolay in order to qualify for the scholarship.


Grotto/DeMolay International Scholarships

DeMolay International works with the Grotto in awarding three $1500 pre-medical/dental scholarships. All you need to do to be considered is complete an application and submit it to the DeMolay Service and Leadership Center by April 1. You do not need to be an active DeMolay in order to qualify.


Grand Lodge of Texas
Lamar Medals

Most Masonic Lodges offer the Lamar Medal each year. The award consists of an attractive medallion denoting the honor and a scholarship, usually in the $100-$500 range. Each Lodge sets its own requirements, but DeMolays often have an inside track on getting the award.


Knights Templar Educational Foundation

The Knights Templar Educational Foundation, the first program of its kind, was organized in 1922. Since then, more than $32 million dollars has been loaned to students to complete their last two years of college. This financial assistance is given without regard to race, color, creed, age or Masonic affiliation.

Grand Commandery of Texas
Knights Templar Scholarships

The Grand Commandery of Texas offers many scholarships each year, usually in the $1000-$2000 range, to assist students in completing their last two years of college.



The following activities are just a few of the many available to DeMolays in our Chapter. For more information about any of these, contact your Chapter Advisor:

Government Day

Each year in February, DeMolays from across Texas gather in Austin at the State Capitol. DeMolay is one of just a few organizations in Texas allowed to sit in and occupy the House and Senate Chambers. DeMolays write and debate their own "laws", adding amendments and passing or failing them. The Rainbow Girls of Texas also participate as co-hosts with Texas DeMolay.


Leadership Training Conferences

DeMolays have an opportunity to attend Leadership Training Conferences each year in various states outside of Texas. Members from across the country gather to learn leadership skills, offer help to each other, and share success stories from their home Chapters.


Texas State Conclaves

DeMolays from across the state gather each year in July to compete in athletics and Ritual events. The annual conclaves are held in a different city each year, and have recently been held in Galveston, Ft. Worth, Corpus Christi, Amarillo, Waco and Austin. The four-day events include basketball, softball, volleyball, tennis, individual and team Ritual (memory work) competitions, and feature the election of new state officers and several social events with the young ladies of the International Order of Rainbow for Girls.