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2004 Grand Photographer's Collection

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Grand Lodge Installation
December 6, 2003
Grand Lodge Installation
(courtesy of Leonard O. Pierce)
December 6, 2003
Alamo Masonic Lodge
No. 44 at the Alamo

December 17, 2003

Texas Chapter No. 35,
Order of the Eastern Star

December 19, 2003
50th Annual Crystal Ball
December 27, 2003
Dinner Honoring
Kenneth Fischer

January 3, 2004

Alzafar Shrine
Installation of Officers

(courtesy of Bob Thomas,
Alzafar Shrine Photographer)
January 8, 2004
San Antonio Commandery
Installation of Officers

(courtesy of Michael Eshleman
and Kent Crickard)

January 10, 2004
Lexington Masonic Lodge
No 138 150th Anniversary

(courtesy of Reuel J. Cooper)

January 17, 2004

Visit to Holland Masonic
Lodge No. 1

(courtesy of Tom B. Johnson
and Patrick Mahoney )

January 21, 2004
Visit to 6th Masonic District
(courtesy of Homer Rodriguez)
January 22, 2004
District 11 DDGM Honor Banquet
(courtesy of Gordon Krantz)

January 22, 2004

Perfect Union Masonic Lodge
No. 10 Anniversary Banquet

January 24, 2004
Visit to 30th Masonic District
(courtesy of John Lawson)
January 28, 2004
San Antonio Scottish Rite
Installation of Officers

January 30, 2004

El Paso Masonic Lodge No. 130
150th Anniversary

(courtesy of Ray MacDonald)
January 31, 2004

Visit to 107th District
(courtesy of Sharon Brown)
February 23, 2004

Texas Public Schools Week
(courtesy of Jim Dougherty)
February 25, 2004

Alzafar Shrine DeMolay Brunch
March 6, 2004
Visit to 39th Districts
March 6, 2004
Grand Master's
Homecoming Banquet

March 6, 2004

Texas Council OKM Donnybrook
(courtesy of Neil Winslow)
March 17, 2004

Orient Lodge No. 905
Golden Trowel Award

(courtesy of David Counts)
March 23, 2004

Visit to 64th District
(courtesy of Bill Campbell
and Ray Brietzke )
March 24 , 2004

Grand York Rite Dinner
(courtesy of James Higdon)
April 2, 2004

Fannindel Gymnasium

(courtesy of Hurley Ray Moon)
April 2, 2004

Bethel Lodge No. 134
150th Anniversary

(courtesy of Hurley Ray Moon)
April 3, 2004

Schulenburg Elementary Cornerstone
(courtesy of David W. Cameron, Jr.)
April 16, 2004

W. B. Jack Ball Lecture
(courtesy of Pete Alanis)
April 21, 2004

Jim's Bayou Lodge
125th Anniversary

(courtesy of Ray Brietzke)
April 24, 2004

Visit to 14th District
(courtesy of Charles Cumming, Jr.)
April 28, 2004

Round Rock Community
Builders Award

(courtesy of Rafael Rivas)
April 29, 2004

Round Rock Lodge Honors
Round Rock Eastern Star

(courtesy of Rafael Rivas)
May 6, 2004

Texas York Rite College
Installation of Officers

(courtesy of J. Damon Fehler)
May 8, 2004

Albert Pike Lodge
Cinco de Mayo Meeting

(courtesy of Kent B. Crickard)
May 14, 2004

"Legally Correct" Degree
(courtesy of Brack Jones, Jr.)
May 26, 2004

More Holland Lodge Pictures
(courtesy of Patrick Mahoney)
May 1 & 26, 2004

Masonic Home & School
Graduation Ceremony

(courtesy of Kathy Nichols)
May 30, 2004

70-Year Pin Presentation
(courtesy of Frank R. Brown)
May, 2004

Burleson Lodge

(courtesy of Allen Tuell)
June 05, 2004

Sheltie Show at Holland Lodge
(courtesy of Patrick Mahoney)
June 12, 2004

Victory Lodge Installation
June 24, 2004

Albert Pike Lodge Installation
June 25, 2004

Imperial Shrine Session
(courtesy of Judy Jensen
and Ann Estes)
July 4-8, 2004

Edwin J. Kiest Lodge
Installation of Officers

(courtesy of Larry J. Crocker)
July 20, 2004

Orient Lodge Presents
Community Builders Award

(courtesy of David R. Counts)
July 2004

York Rite Sovereign
College Meeting

(courtesy of Scott Wall)
July 31, 2004

Reception for Worshipful
Masters in San Antonio

(courtesy of Neil Winslow)
July 20, 2004

Cornerstone Ceremony at
Sugar Land City Hall

(courtesy of Julius Baumann)
July 31, 2004

Official Visit to
Milam Lodge No. 2

(courtesy of Greg Sowell)
August 5, 2004

PGM Dan B. Jordan Receives
50-Year Membership Award

(courtesy of Richard Brown, Sr.)
August 12, 2004

Official Visit to District 42
(courtesy of Bill Hyatt)
August 16, 2004

Reconstitution of Van Horn
Lodge No. 1028

(courtesy of David Desbien)
August 17, 2004

"Success in Masonry" Program
(courtesy of Yvonne Brownfield)
August 26, 2004

Lubbock Warden's Retreat
(courtesy of H. Wayne Reddin)
August 27-28, 2004

Houston Festive Board
(courtesy of John Lawson)
August 28, 2004

Masters, Wardens and Secretaries
Association - District 81
(courtesy of H. Wayne Reddin)
September 1, 2004

San Antonio York Rite Festival
September 11 , 2004

Convent General of the Knights
of the York Cross of Honour

(courtesy of Bob Jett)
September 9-11, 2004

A Letter from the Past
(courtesy of Brett Doyle)
September 13, 2004

Alamo Lodge No. 44
Table Lodge/PM Night

September 29, 2004

2004 Alzafar Shrine Circus
October 2, 2004

Official Visit to
Districts 35A & 35B
(courtesy of Chris M. Dillon)
October 9, 2004

Benefit Golf Tournament
(courtesy of Julius Baumann)
October 11, 2004

Visit to Alpine
(courtesy of Leonard (Lee) Goggins)
October 13, 2004

Visit to England
(courtesy of James C. Taylor)
October 25-28, 2004

San Antonio - October 30
October 30, 2004

Official Visit to District 88
(courtesy of John Yates)
November 9, 2004

Permian Conclave - Red Cross
of Constantine
(courtesy of Robert D. Telford)
November 13, 2004

70-Year Service Award
November 15, 2004

Eight Master Masons in One Day
November 20, 2004

DeMolay Legion of Honor
November 29, 2004


2004 Grand Lodge
December 2-4, 2004

2004 Grand Lodge
(courtesy of John Lawson)
December 2-4, 2004