of Dr. George M. Patrick Chapel No. 44


Superseded Original By-Laws

1. Place and Dates of Convocation
2. Election of Officers and Installation
3. Candidates
4. Fees and Subscriptions
5. Treasurer
6. Payment from Chapel Funds
7. Arrears of Subscription
8. Secretary
9. Chapel Committees and Election of Examiners of Accounts
10. Resignation
11. Chapel Effects
12. Alteration of By-Laws
13. Presentation of By-Laws

1. Place and Dates of Convocation.
The Dr. George M Patrick Chapel No 44 shall hold three meetings a year They will be held on the Fourth Saturday in October at Bryan, Brazos County, Texas, for the Election and installation of officers, and venue for the Meetings on the Fourth Saturday in February and the Fourth Saturday in May or the Saturday before Memorial Day in May and shall be selected and voted on at the previous Meeting of the Chapel. The Hour for the Meetings shall be at the Direction of the Worthy Master.  top

2. Election of Officers and Installation.
The Master shall be elected by the will of the assembled Knights and the Treasurer shall be elected by Proposition. The Sentry shall be elected by a show of Hands. These elections shall occur at the Installation Meeting, held on the Fourth Saturday in October. The Master-Elect shall be Installed immediately and will appoint and invest the Prior and the other Officers and invest the Treasurer.  top

3. Candidates.
The Election of candidates for admission, joining or rejoining shall be by ballot, two black balls shall exclude.  top

4. Fees and Subcsriptions.
The Annual subscription shall be payable in advance on July First in each year, and the Admission Fees and Fees for joining and rejoining, shall be such sums as are determined from time to time by Resolution in Open Chapel after due notice on the Summons. The Amounts shall include all fees and dues payable to the Grand Master's Council, the Grand Preceptor's Council (when applicable) and any payment of financial liability incurred by the Chapel and / or candidate for membership.  top

5. Treasurer.
The Treasurer shall receive all fees, dues, etc., and shall deposit them in the name of the Chapel in a bank, building society or other financial institution approved by the Chapel. He shall pay all accounts, and shall, at the Installation Meeting occurring on the Fourth Saturday in October, present a duly examined Balance sheet of the Chapel accounts as of June 30th, together with a Profit and Loss statement (statement of income and expenses) for the period of July 1 through June 30th.  top

6. Payment from Chapel Funds.
The Worthy Master may authorize payments of bills under $100.00, but must report it at the next Chapel Meeting. All sums over $100.00 may be made only by Resolution of the Chapel, of which notice must be given on the Summons, except in the case of an Emergency when such may authorized by the Worthy Master and reported at the next Chapel Meeting.  top

7. Arrears of Subscription. (these start from the beginning of the financial year)
A member whose current subscription is more than six months in arrears, shall not hold Office in the Chapel. If he be more than three months in arrears, he will be advised in Writing that if his subscription is not paid by the Chapel's financial year-end June 30th, he may be excluded, unless some satisfactory excuse be tendered and accepted in open Chapel.  top

8. Secretary.
The Secretary shall keep Minutes of Proceedings of the Chapel and separately of any Chapel Committee. He shall issue Summons for all Chapel Meetings, at least fourteen days in advance to every member of the Chapel.  top

9. Chapel Committee and Election of Examiners of Accounts.
The Chapel Committee shall consist of the Master, Prior, Marshall, Treasurer, Secretary, subscribing Past Masters of and in the Chapel and two Knights elected at the (elective) Regular Meeting in June. Two Examiners of Accounts shall be elected Annually at this same Meeting.  top

10. Resignation.
A Brother wishing to resign from the Chapel shall give notice, either in Open Chapel, or by Letter to the Secretary and, on payment of all dues, shall be entitled to a Clearance Patent.  top

11. Chapel Effects.
The jewel and furniture of the Chapel are the property of the Master and Eminent Prior for the time being, in trust for the members. The Warrant of Constitution is the property of the Grand Master, and the Master shall be responsible for its safe custody, and shall produce it at every meeting of the Chapel. In the event of the erasure or dissolution of the Chapel, the Warrant, Jewels, Furniture and other effects shall be surrendered to the Grand Master's Council.   top

12. Alteration of By-Laws.
Notice of motion of any alteration of, or addition to, these By-Laws must be given at one meeting. They shall appear, as a Proposition, on the Summons for the next Meeting and, if approved, the alterations or additions shall be submitted for countersignature to the Grand Preceptor (when applicable) and to the Most Worthy Grand Master for approval, and shall not be effective until so approved.  top

13. Presentation of By-Laws.
A copy of these By-Laws shall be presented to each new member of the Chapel and to the Master at his Installation.

Adopted in Open Chapel on February 25, 2006.

Approved on behalf of the R:. W:. Grand Preceptor, Sir Andre of Byron

Nomen        __    /s/ Sir William of Seattle      _____   Provincial Grand Secretary
        (Mundane Name)     _____  William R. Miller  ________     

              Dated March 22, 2006

At the Consecration of Dr. George M. Patrick Chapel No. 44, on September 11, 2005, the following FEES, DUES and ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION applied:

Admission Fee: $192.00     Endowed Membership Fee: $600.00     Re-Joining Fee: $20.00
Joining Fee: $30.00            Annual Subscription: $30.00    top

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