Ye Commemorative Order of St. Thomas of Acon
Dr. George M. Patrick Chapel No.44
Meeting of Consecration
Sunday, September 11, 2005

This Meeting took place at the Park Plaza Hotel in Austin, Texas, at approximately 9:00 A.M., this date.

Twenty-three Sir Knights were Installed into Trinity Chapel No.12.

These Sir Knights were:

  • Sir Jimmy of Crosby (Jimmy E. Barton)
  • Sir Christopher of Brenham (Christopher G. Dalrymple)
  • Sir Howard of Stonewall (Howard F. Entwistle, Jr.)
  • Sir Robert of Katy (Robert A. Foreman, Jr.)
  • Sir William of Beaumont (William J. Giles, Jr.)
  • Sir Carl of Salinas (A. Carl Highman)
  • Sir Jerry of Fort Worth (Jerry W. Jackson)
  • Sir Patrick of New Orleans (Patrick W. Jordan)
  • Sir Arnold of Beaumont ( Arnold R. Langston)
  • Sir Jack of Boonville (Jack W. Lester, Jr.)
  • Sir Alvis of Kosciusco (Alvis L. Mabry)
  • Sir Floyd of Porter (Floyd R. Mills)
  • Sir Don of St. Joseph (Don T. Nesbitt, Jr.)
  • Sir Leonard of Pierce (Leonard O. Pierce)
  • Sir Ronald of Brenham (Ronald J. Price)
  • Sir Robert of Evant (Robert J. Reeves, Sr.)
  • Sir Michael of Vivian (Michael H. Shively)
  • Sir Carl of Rusk (Carl E. Starkey)
  • Sir Leslie of Russellville (Leslie F. Tanner, Jr.)
  • Sir John of Ezzele (John A. Tuttle, Jr.)
  • Sir Owen of Martindale (Owen D. West)
  • Sir Sir Walter of Tabor (Walter W. Wilcox)
  • Sir Buford of Shamrock (Buford J. Young)

The Installation of such a large Group of Sir Knights is also known as a Calvary Charge.

After the Lunch Break, the Grand Master’s Council was Convened for the purpose of the Consecration of the Following Chapels: Dr. George M. Patrick No.44, Lone Star No.45, Tejas No.47 and the Constitution of the Province of the United States of America.

The Grand Officers involved in the Constituting are:

  • Sir David (Kibble-Rees) of Red Bridge, KT, KH- Most Worthy Grand Master
  • Sir Leslie (Bale) of Wealas-ieg- Grand Preceptor
  • Sir John (Loat) of Calverlei, KT- Grand Secretary

After the Consecration of the Chapels was completed, the Installation of Officers took place. The Officers of Dr. George M. Patrick No.44 are attached to this Set of Minutes.

The following Sir Knights Joined Dr. George M. Patrick Chapel No.44:

  • Sir Reese of Bexar(Reese L. Harrison, Jr.)-Blackheethe Chapel, No.T.I.:180-99
  • Sir Gordon of Chester(C. Gordon Leyfield)-Ednyfed Fychan Chapel, No.21:399-00
  • Sir Ronald of Ruston(Ronald A. Sharp)-Ednyfed Fychan Chapel, No.21:816-03

After the Installation of Officers was completed, this Historical Event came to a close at approximately 5:30 P.M., this date. The Program of Events will be attached to this Set of Minutes.

Sir Reese of Bexar
(Reese L. Harrison, Jr.)
Worthy Master(Primus)
Sir Alvis of Kosciusco
(Alvis L. Mabry)



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