The Degree of Chevalier

     The Degree of Chevalier is the highest honor for distinguished DeMolay service within the gift of the International Supreme Council of the Order of DeMolay. Only one other honor, the Legion of Honor Degree for outstanding leadership and service to humanity, outranks the Degree of Chevalier. The Degree of Chevalier is the highest honor which can be bestowed on an Active DeMolay. The nominee must be at least seventeen years of age or older and have been a member of the Order of DeMolay in good standing for at least two years to be eligible for consideration for nomination. A Senior DeMolay is eligible to receive the Honor. The citation is for outstanding and marked DeMolay activity and labor.

     The honor was created in 1936 and was granted initially in 1937. Originally, the minimum age was eighteen, then it was lowered to sixteen, and in 1968 the minimum age for nomination was seventeen and two years of membership in the Order. An Executive Officer may lower the age eligibility requirement to sixteen.

     The Degree of Chevalier is awarded by the International Supreme Council at its Annual Sessions. Recommendation may be submitted by the Advisory Council of a DeMolay Chapter or of a Knighthood Priory, or by a Court of Chevaliers to the Executive Officer of the Jurisdiction (State). Each Active Member of the International Supreme Council shall have the right to make not more than one personal nomination each year. The Degree cannot be applied for, and the nomination must be made without the knowledge of the DeMolay who is honored. The unanimous vote of the Supreme Council in Annual Session is required to elect a nominee to the Degree of Chevalier.

     Regalia includes a gold medallion with a bust in relief of Jacques DeMolay encircled by a ring of red enamel suspended by a gold cordon and a silver or gold ring work on the third finger of the left hand. Initially the medallion was suspended about the neck by a red rayon collar with a DeMolay emblem embroidered thereon.

     Appended to Albert Pike Chapter No. 58 is Albert Pike Court of Chevaliers authorized Octover 15, 1940. Albert Pike Court meets annually on November 8 in a "Service of Remembrance."

                   The initial officers of Albert Pike Court elected October 15, 1940, were as follows:


                              Commander                                            John Robert Salling

                              Commander in the West                        William Fain Sperber

                              Commander in the South                      Claude Edmund French

                              Secretary-Treasurer                               Karl Eugene Baer

The Officers of Albert Pike Court of Chevaliers include the following Chevaliers, all of whom, except the Sergeant-at-Arms, are elected for three-year terms, in years evenly divisible by three. The Sergeant-at-Arms is appointed by the Commander to serve for a three-year term.

Albert Pike Court of Chevalier


Commander                                                 Douglas John Van Griner, Chev., PSC, PSMC, PSIKC, LOH, COH

Vice Commander                                         Garrett Matthew Ethridge, Chev., LOH, KT, RD

Secretary                                                      Paul Alexander Canales, Chev., PC, PSC, PSMC, PSIKC, LOH, COH

Treasurer                                                      Jared Avery May, Chev., LOH, KT, RD

Sergeant-at-Arms                                       Christopher DeJesus, Chev., LOH, KT, RD