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History of Albert Pike Priory No. 38

Order of Knighthood

In 1947 the International Supreme Council  created a working organization for DeMolays between the ages of 17 and 21. As explained by Founder Frank S. Land:

It is an auxiliary body known in DeMolay parlance, and for the sake of brevity, as the "Order of Knighthood," but whose official name is the "Chevalric Knights of the Holy Order of the Fellow Soldiers of Jacques DeMolay." This auxiliary body with officers and a Ritual supplements our program with a sustaining activity for the older boy. It's relationship to a DeMolay Chapter is comparable to that existing within the Bodies of the York and Scottish Rite.

Each auxiliary Body to a Chapter of the Order of DeMolay is known as a "Priory," and bears the same name as the Chapter to which it is attached. The creation of a Priory will in no measure affect the operation of a DeMolay Chapter. DeMolays receiving the "Order of Knighthood" will prove more active in Chapter affairs than heretofore.

The "Order of Knighthood" is not an Honorary Degree or Award. It is a working body geared to activities that older boys want and like. ***[The Order of Knighthood] field of service covers the older boy age span from [16] to 21 years. The activities, social and educational programs are geared to the older boy...

A Priory is subject to the same rules and regulations governing a Chapter and is under the complete supervision of the Chapter's Advisory Council. It is hoped that the regular Advisor or Dad of a Chapter will act  in the same capacity in the "Order of Knighthood" as he does in the Chapter. If this cannot be done, it is necessary that the Advisory Council appoint a member to their group to be present at all meetings and undertake this supervision.

Membership in the order of Knighthood is by invitation only and the nomination is made without the knowledge of the DeMolay. A DeMolay whose individual record denotes meritorious service and leadership is eligible to be nominated for Knighthood. As explained by Founder Frank S. Land:

Membership in the "Order of Knighthood" must not be considered Honorary or as an Award for Chapter or DeMolay labor. Advancement to the "Order of Knighthood" cannot be denied to any boy in good standing unless there be a moral reason or substantiating evidence that the boy is unfit for membership because of deportment, reputation, or is known as a discordant factor in his Chapter.

A young man over [sixteen] year of age petitioning the Order of DeMolay quite naturally must join the Chapter in regular manner and receive the Initiatory and DeMolay Degrees. He should then be immediately elected to the "Order of Knighthood" where he will be among those of his own age.

Initiation into the "Order of Knighthood" consists of one Degree known as the "Ceremony of Investiture." This degree must be conferred not less than three times a year. The entire Ritual follows the general DeMolay pattern.

Upon election to membership in the Order, the nominee is known as an Aspirant. A DeMolay who has been Knighted into the "Order of Knighthood" receives the rank and decoration of "Sir Knight."

Albert Pike Priory No. 38

Albert Pike Priory No. 38 was issued Letters Temporary on April 2, 1948 and was instituted with the requisite number of 15 Sir Knights on April 29, 1948. John Henry Achilles, PMC, was elected the first Illustrious Knight Commander and retained that position for two terms. Sir Knights Malcom Ray Dixon, PMC, and Harry J. Logan, PMC, were the second and third Illustrious Knight Commanders, respectively. The records are incomplete, but it appears that the Priory did not elect officers during the Korean War. In August 1957, rehabilitation efforts began, and the Priory resumed activities in 1958.

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