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Leadership & Learning

The following Activities are just a few of the many available to DeMolays in our Chapter. For more information, please contact our Chairman or Chapter Advisor:

Government Day

Each year in February, DeMolays from across Texas gather in Austin at the State Capitol. DeMolay is only of just a few organizations in Texas allowed to sit in and occupy the House and Senate Chambers. DeMolays write and debate their own "laws", adding amendments and passing or failing them. The Rainbow Girls of Texas participate as co-hosts with Texas DeMolay.

Texas DeMolay Academy

DeMolays have an opportunity to attend leadership training conferences each year. Members from across the the state gather to learn leadership skills, offer help to each other, and share success stories from their home Chapters.

Texas State Conclave

DeMolays from across the state gather each year in July to compete in athletics and Ritual events. The annual conclaves are held in a different city each year, and have recently been held in Ft. Worth, Austin and Waco. The four-day events include basketball, volleyball, dodge ball, tennis, individual and team Ritual competitions. Conclave features the election of new State Officers and several social events with the young ladies of the International Order of the Rainbow for girls.

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